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Excellere (Latin) – to be eminent; to excel; to rise, surpass.

Xcellere Professional Performance Management (XPPM) is a suite of tools that include online content, challenges, goal management and assesment tools to develop high-performing professionals. XPPM content will lead you to developing a growth mindset and the tools will guide you in identify and managing your personal and professional development objectives and goals. XPPM has the goal management tools to assist you in accomplishing your goals. XPPM will drive participants to focus and manage on WINning (What's Important Now) activities.

XPPM is aligned and supports Professional Executive Program (www.ProExecProgram.com) professional coaching programs. To achieve optimal results, XPPM should be balanced with coaching services and collaborative group learning

Xcellere and Professional Executive Program are I M Possible brands and core elements of the unIMaginable IMpact Program

We are currently transitioning our latest version online. We ask for your patient during this process.

For elevating and optimizing organizational performance, we recommend our product futuri strategic managment software. The word futuri is Latin meaning “to be”, “a vision of a future event”. futuri provides organizational leaders the ability to be strategic-focused and forward thinking by providing the means to manage an organization’s strategy, tactical action, resource allocation, and project alignment.

Xcellere is developing a version for creating and leading high-performance agile teams.


XPPM online content is based on Infinite Learner and I M Learning Hub personal and profesional development instructor-led courses and materials to reinforce to enhance the learning and knowledge acquisition process. XPPM provides online challenges to allow you to assess your mastery of the subject matter. You have the option to engage a learning coach to work with you.


XPPM is aligned with Professional Executive Program (PEP) professional coaching services. If you engage a PEP professional coach, the combination provides you and your coach the ability to make data-driven strategic decision to direct your course of actions to amplify positive results.


XPPM provides you the ability to track and manage your goals and progress and provides data analytics to determine your strengths and weaknesses. XPPM begins with defining your purpose and vision then your goals.