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Welcome to Xcellere Personal Performance Management (XPPM). XPPM is designed and developed by eblackwidow, a Heuristic Learning partner.

XXPM is a framework and suite of tools to guide you in becoming a high-performing professional. XPPM helps you in identifying your learning and development objectives, setting SMART targets and goals to achieve those objectives, and measuring the results to effectively manage your performance.

This XPPM application is designed to develop a learner's confidence through preparation, testing and assessment. To achieve optimal results, this XXPM should be balanced with instructor-led and collaborative group learning.


These online courses are designed to supplement Heuristic Learning's instructor-led courses and materials to reinforce your learning and enhance your knowledge.


Gain access to online challenges to assess your mastery of the subject matter. You have the ability to select from a category of set challenges or to choose to select specific areas to challenge yourself.

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Manage your progress by utilizing data analytics to determine your strengths and weaknesses.